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Photo Feed from Botcon 2014!

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Photo Feed from Botcon 2014!

Postby perceptor » Thu Jun 19, 2014 6:51 pm

In order of their postings...

Unicron.com BotCon 2014 Coverage - panel notations!
AoE 1-Step Changes, Power Battlers & Deluxe Updates

LIVE PHOTO FEED: Coming to you live from Botcon 2014! Check out our live photo feed of images from the show. Refresh throughout the weekend as we will add more as each day goes by. If you have trouble viewing in the slide show viewer at the bottom of this news item post, you can click here to see the photo gallery directly.

EDIT 1: newly added photos from the Hasbro new toy display, convention exclusives and more!

EDIT 2: newly added photos of the initial Hasbro display, from the convention floor. Includes Voyager Slog, the new deluxe Bumblebee, MP Prowl and Sunstorm and more...

EDIT 3: Transformers Hall of Fame winners announced! This year's inductees:
* Arcee and Rodimus Prime! Human inductee: Stan Bush! He's got the Touch!
* Awaiting Hasbro-paramount presentation at Universal Studios "fan experience event! Stay tuned!
* Photos from the Transformers Fan Experience, including AoE Dinobot concept art...

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Re: Photo Feed from Botcon 2014!

Postby Black Starscream » Fri Jun 20, 2014 10:52 am

It wasn't just me imagining things! Ginrai's grille actually has the front in gold chrome! ALSO anyone with a Scorponok check it; the ladder pieces connecting the shoulders to the body were swapped on mine and prevented the shoulders from fully going down
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