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Generations Combiner Teams, Updates to 2015 TF Section

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Generations Combiner Teams, Updates to 2015 TF Section

Postby perceptor » Fri Jul 25, 2014 4:54 pm

Oh yeah! They teased us at BotCon with a silhouette of Superion. But now, we get to see the first 10 team members of the 2015 Generations Aerialbots and Stunticons! The limbs are deluxe toys, the torso a Voyager. What more could we ask for (besides Protectobots, Combaticons, Predacons and Seacons...!) Thanks to Hasbro PR for providing us the photos, and the latest round of reveals from San Diego ComicCon. Now available in the 2015 Generations Transformers Section, allow us to introduce:

AERIALBOTS unite to form Superion!
SILVERBOLT: Aerialbot team leader Voyager
AIR RAID: Looking like a bigger posable version of the G1 original.
ALPHA BRAVO: a re-imagined version of G1 Slingshot, this one transforms into a helicopter.
FIREFLY: The new look for Generations Fireflight. And...
SKYDIVE: Same jet mode and everything, Skydive is looking great.

STUNTICONS unite to form Menasor!
MOTORMASTER: Appears to be a slightly retooled version of the Voyager Optimus we saw at BotCon 2014. He is the Voyager scale team leader of the Stunticons.
BREAKDOWN: guessing this sweet remould may be recolored as a BotCon Exclusive a few times!
DEAD END: Like others, a 'dead ringer' for the G1 original, only bigger and more poseable.
DRAGSTRIP: No longer depicted as a female, as seen in the Transformers Animated BotCon set a few years ago! (Or is it a she???)
OFFROAD: a re-imagined version of Wildrider. This one transforms into a heavy-duty truck.
and an Unnamed Stunticon legend toy, which becomes the chest of Menasor. No word yet on whether this guy will be sold separately or perhaps come with Motormaster...
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Re: Generations Deluxe/Voyager Combiner Teams

Postby Sabrblade » Fri Jul 25, 2014 5:33 pm

Superion is able to wield Legends Powerglide as a gun, making him the sixth Aerialbot.

The unknown Legends class Stunticon who forms Menasor's chestplate is implied to be the G1 Micromaster Blackjack, but with a headsculpt based on the G1 Throttlebot Searchlight, suggesting a possible redeco idea.

Alpha Bravo looks to be based on Vortex wearing Slingshot's deco, suggesting a potential Combaticons team to come later on, but let's wait and see on that since it might be too soon for another Bruticus after the FOC one from 2012.

Some believe Offroad to be based on the G1 Triggercon Ruckus with a new deco based more on Wildrider, but not exactly like his due to Offroad having blue where Wildrider had red.

Others are also thinking that an actual Slingshot and Wildrider may come out in much much later waves, with Alpha Bravo and Offroad as new characters to fill for them for the time being, allowing Hasbro to market and sell brand new guys simultaneously with the classic characters, and allowing people to complete their own Superions and Menasors while waiting for the final original team members to be released.

And yes, all toys are interchangeable, Scramble City style! Even across different teams and factions! 8-)
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Re: Generations Deluxe/Voyager Combiner Teams

Postby Autobot Jazz » Fri Jul 25, 2014 10:39 pm

Any species that can come up with a sweet ride like this can't be all bad.
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Re: Generations Deluxe/Voyager Combiner Teams

Postby Agent X » Sat Jul 26, 2014 7:19 am

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Re: Generations Combiner Teams, Updates to 2015 TF Section

Postby BumblebeeDOTM » Sat Jul 26, 2014 7:39 pm

Menasor looks good, but Superion looks, well, superior!
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