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Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015) early viewing thread

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Re: Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015) early viewing th

Postby Sabrblade » Sun Mar 29, 2015 12:09 am

Episode 13 is the last one Australia will be airing for now, so we'll have to wait for Cartoon Network in the U.S. (or any other English-speaking country) to catch up. Also, the episode description for this one is wrong, possibly meant to be for episode 14, as this one is quite different from what the description said. Anyway, 13 is online.
Episode 14 -

Hiya, Clampdown.

Sideswipe catches Strongarm sneaking back into the scrapyard.

Sideswipe promise not to tell Bee that Strongarm was away without Bee's permission, but now Strongarm has to do whatever Swipe asks of her.

Bee's a little jumpy because there hasn't been any Decepticon activity in a while, and he's worried something big is coming.

Fixit and Denny have succeeded in making two working copies of the Decepticon Hunter.

Another Decepticon signal is detected, which pleases and relieves Bee.

This time, the others anticipate Bee's "Roll out" fail, which he almost forgets to do until he notices the others waiting for him to do it. "Let's speed and succeed!" It does not succeed.

Clampdown is much smaller than his first pics made him out to be.

Clampdown's quite the timid little fella. Not particularly evil, but very fearful of the law.

Steeljaw has come for Clampdown.

The prisoner manifest refers to Clampdown as an expert at digging up dirty secrets and using them for personal gain. He tried to blackmail a member of the High Council and wound up on the Alchemor.

Steeljaw's altmode!

Steeljaw brings Clampdown to Fracture and Underbite. Guess Fracture joined up with Steeljaw's team offscreen.

And here's Thunderhoof! Looks like the gang's all here!

Thunderhoof and Clampdown know each other. Clampdown's the reason Thunderhoof got arrested, since Clampdown cut a deal with the Autobots that let the Autobots find out about Thunderhoof's operations in exchange for Clampdown not getting arrested, but got arrested anyway. And Thunderhoof's wanting to pulverize Clampdown for it, much to Steeljaw's chagrin.

The Autobots catch up to Clampdown, who attempts to strike a deal with them to avoid arrest, only for Steeljaw and his crew to also catch up.

Steeljaw vs. Bumblebee
Airazor and Divebomb vs. Strongarm
Underbite vs. Grimlock
Fracture vs. Sideswipe
Thunderhoof goes after Clampdown

Ha! Consuming plastic makes Underbite feel sick.

Whoa. All seven Decepticons (Mini-Cons included) arrested and apprehended. This a surprising turn of events.

However, Steeljaw breaks out of his cuffs and makes a run for it.

He sets free a garbage barge to let it collide with a ferry carrying human passengers, to distract the Autobots.

The Autobots stop the barge from hitting the ferry, allowing Steeljaw to go back for the other Decepticons.

Steeljaw scratches Clampdown's Decepticon symbols as part of his initiation into Steeljaw's group, and threatens Clampdown's life to make certain Clampdown remains loyal.

Strongarm's had enough of doing whatever Sideswipe wants, and decides that she'd rather take her punishment like a warrior.

Bee states that he's already known about Strongarm's sneaking off before, and that he trusts her enough to know that she wouldn't break their 'robots in disguise' rule.

Strongarm's secret place she sneaks off to is a car wash, which Bee tries out and completely loves how good it feels.

Troy Baker -- Blue Car Driver
Kevin Pollak -- Tour Boat Captain
Jim Cimmings -- Clampdown

With as many Decepticons as we got in this one, it makes for a fitting mid-season climax. Now that the Cons have established sizable ranks, it remains to see where they'll go from here. Steeljaw still seems bent on creating a free world for Decepticons, and even attempts to play peacemaker between Thunderhoof and Clampdown. Speaking of which, Clampdown was great. Jim Cummings is an excellent choice for this weaselly little sneak of a Decepticon, looking to make a deal with anyone to save his own hide. And he's the guy responsible for Thunderhoof's arrest. Nice to see more world-building at play. And now we wait for the next chapter of the story to come in the second half of season 1.
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Re: Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015) early viewing th

Postby Sabrblade » Tue Apr 21, 2015 3:57 pm

Good news. Episode 14 wound up airing early over in Singapore, and was uploaded onto the TV channel's website for (Singapore-only) streaming. However, it's also been uploaded to Dailymotion for us outside of Singapore to view.

Episode 13 -

Bee's struggling to keep things together as all three of Sideswipe, Strongarm, and Grimlock are bickering and yelling at him.

Four Decepticon signals detected!

Bee's "roll out" fail of the day: "Okay, Autobots. Let's hit the trail!" (Sideswipe: "Cuz Bee wants to bail!")

Meanwhile, in the Realm of the Primes, Optimus trains under MICRONUS PRIME!

Optimus has been given a Prime Decepticon Hunter, which looks a lot like the Dagger Gun from AOE.

Wow! Optimus is impatient and has a bit of an attitude in his tone! A far cry from his Pontificating Prime portrayal.

Optimus has a mouthplate after all.

The four Decepticons are a group of Skunkticons, led by Malodor. They spray liquid from their tails that temporarily disorients a bot's sensory receptors. And they used this ability to keep officers at bay while the rest of the gang burrowed into businesses and robbed them.

The enemy robot that Optimus protects the humans from looks to be of similar stature to FOC Grimlock.

And the smaller ones remind me of Star Wars Destroyer Droids.

Bee's team tracks the Skunkticons to Steeljaw's old hideout at the dam.

The Skunkticons completely disorient the Autobots and take Grimlock hostage.

Even in the afterlife, Optimus can transform into a truck. Though, his arms undergo some serious mass-shifting by forming the entire length and height (above the wheel base) of his trailer.

Optimus... failed to save a human from getting vaporized! :shock:

Bee's tam makes it to the next floor above, but Sideswipe and Strongarm just won't stop squabbling.

A disoriented Grimlock accidentally triggers a dam lock release.

More humans get vaporized in the Prime realm. Optimus gets further agitated.

Bumblebee must concentrate to find the right order of which task to perform.

Optimus passes his test by doing what he was originally told: Climbing the hill.

None of the humans were real. Optimus needed to believe they were real so he could learn his lesson. That he will always face distraction in events to come, and that he must find focus within the center of the storm.

Bee's team successfully disables the Skunkticons through focus and teamwork.

Adrian Pasdar -- Micronus
Daniel Roebuck -- Malodor, Computer Voice

Okay, now we're talking! We got two plots in this one, both centered around find focus within chaos. Bumblebee proved his mettle in this one, having to be the one voice of reason in a sea of conflict that was very evocative of situations that Animated Optimus, Optimus Primal, and even Rhinox had to go through. Though, Malodor and the Skunkticons weren't much to enjoy. However, what was enjoyable was getting to see Optimus in the Realm of the Primes training under Micronus, Prime of the Minicons. And Micronus was a delightful jerk of a teacher. So smug in his just sitting around floating in midair while Optimus struggles to save the humans, you could tell he was secretly enjoying Optimus's squirming. What's more is that Optimus himself got more attention given to his vulnerable side, as he constantly agonized over his inability to get the Prime Decepticon Hunter to work, and even cursed Micronus for his lack of help. Makes me wonder when we'll see more of this later on. I look forward to seeing more of it, though.
"When there's gold feathers, punch behind you!!"

“Critics who treat 'adult' as a term of approval, instead of as a merely descriptive term, cannot be adult themselves. To be concerned about being grown up, to admire the grown up because it is grown up, to blush at the suspicion of being childish; these things are the marks of childhood and adolescence. And in childhood and adolescence they are, in moderation, healthy symptoms. Young things ought to want to grow. But to carry on into middle life or even into early manhood this concern about being adult is a mark of really arrested development. When I was ten, I read fairy tales in secret and would have been ashamed if I had been found doing so. Now that I am fifty I read them openly. When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.” -- C.S. Lewis
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Re: Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015) early viewing th

Postby Unicron fan » Fri Apr 24, 2015 8:22 pm

Ok, now we're talking. :) I have enjoyed all of the episodes, but I feel like this one was the best so far. :)

I do think it has something to do with the fact that we saw a Thirteen; Micronus, and not just for a brief moment. Ok, I know that in this continuity, Optimus is a Thirteen as well, but I still don't quite feel it like that, if you get what I mean.

Anyway, I hope we will see more of the Thirteen like we did with Micronus. :)
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Re: Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015) early viewing th

Postby Sabrblade » Tue Jun 02, 2015 8:47 pm

Houston, we have an update!

Two things have come up. First, Toonzone has shed some light on some nagging, uncertain info.

It appears that "Out of Focus" really is the 13th episode while "Sideways" is really the 14th. The confusion between the two must have led to Australia accidentally airing "Sideways" in place of "Out of Focus", while Singapore aired the correct episode all along. Doesn't help that the Chinese website that aired the Chinese-dubbed episodes before all else listed the two in the opposite order.

Secondly, episodes 15-20 are already on the Australian iTunes for purchasing and watching! And all of them have been uploaded to Dailymotion for watching.

The first page has been updated with this news accordingly.

Episode 15

Russell's giving milk to a stray cat that hangs around the scrapyard.

Bee, Denny, and Fixit are going to check out what the scanners detected to be some energon deposits.

Russell and the other Bots are gonna be watching Invasion of the Zombie Vampire Swamp Creatures.

It's Righty! Chop Shop's arm component who got away!

Righty's found Chop Shop... but something else has found Righty!

The Bots are made jumpy by the movie, but Russell thinks it's cool instead of scary. So the Bots try to scare him instead, but fail.

Bee and the others return with a haul of Energon cubes. Bee supposes that the cubes came from the Alchemor and fell out when it crashed.

Life signals are detected from several Decepticons in the cave system near the Crown River, but then they're lost.

Bee's latest rally cry fail is really WRONG: "Okay, team, gas it up and blow it out!" :lol:

Denny knows the caves well so he'll be their guide. Fixit and Russell will remain outside to coordinate communications.

Denny brought luminescent paint from the ranger station for the Bots to mark their paths with so they can find their way back out. Denny's mark with be a D with a circle. He also hands Bee a walkie talkie to stay in touch with him. Pretty resourceful.

Strongarm's mark is an arrow, Bee's mark is a crescendo (or a decrescendo depending on which wall he writes on), and Sideswipe's mark is a naughty face. :P

Denny's spotted some kind of fossil. And he's lost his walkie talkie.

Something's found Sideswipe.

Grimlock's dropped his paint bucket due to the small space of the cave getting in his way.

It's a bat-like Decepticon, and it's found Grimlock.

And Strongarm.

And Bumblebee.

The bat's emerged from the cave.

According the database, the Decepticon is called Nightstrike. He paralizes his foe with his sonic scream that affects the Cybertronian brain's fear center, forcing the bot to experience that which they're most afraid of. All the while, Nightstrike leeches energon from his captive.

Nightstrike captures Fixit and the freshly emerged Denny, leaving Russell as the team's only remaining hope.

Bumblebee's worst fear is seeing everything destroyed and set ablaze as Optimus expresses scornful disappointment in Bumblebee having failed him, declaring Bumblebee unfit and incapable of leading.

Strongarm's worst fear is being arrested by the Kaon City Police for grand theft, felony assault, reckless driving, and kidnapping, being a disgrace to the force.

Sideswipe's worst fear lies in his claustrophobia, with him being stuck in traffic so congested that both it and reality itself tries to contain and crush him within the tiniest space imaginable.

Fixit's worst fear is being tossed out with the trash due to being outdated, unfixable, useless junk.

Girmlock's worst fear is being confronted by the adorable stray kitten from earlier in the episode, and with nowhere to run from it, begging it and its cuteness to leave him alone.

Denny's worst fear is... not shown.

Russell finds Nightstrike's lair. And Righty is also among Nightstrike's captives.

Nightstrike understands that what he does is an inconvenience to his victims, but that he must do what he must to survive.

Nightstrike's screams don't affect Denny in the same way they do the Bots. Instead of showing him his worst fear, he just gets a headache.

After Denny tricks Nightstrike into flying off, Russell frees his dad.

Russell is just fast and agile enough of a runner to keep out of Nightstrike's reach.

Bumblebee frees Righty in hopes that he might help the humans, but Righty just scurries off.

Righty seems to change his mind and tosses the bucket of paint to hit Nightstrike in the face before leaving.

Once the Bots are all freed, they shut off their audio receptors to cancel the effects of Nightstrike's shrieks.

Nightstrike is beaten and captured.

And Grimlock is scared off by the cat.

Khary Payton -- Bot
Tom Kenny -- Nightstrike, Cop

Gonna keep these final words brief since there are six episodes to watch.

A decent episode. Themed around fear and gave us a look into each character's psyche in that regard. It also gave us some good use of the human characters being really useful, with Denny providing the paint, the walkie talkies, and the knowledge of the caves, along with his and Russell's quick thinking and resolve during the rescue scene. Nightstrike was alright, with a cool design (even though he never transformed, so we don't know if that was his beast mode or robot mode) and it was interesting to see how he justified his actions as doing what was necessary for survival rather than simply being an evil creature of the night who takes pleasure from his heinous actions. And Righty isn't fully heartless either, but he is still on the loose.

Episode 16

Sideswipe's overconfidence lands him at the mercy of the latest Decepticon in the subway tunnels.

Sideswipe's been clamped to an operating table.

The Decepticon has brought him to a laboratory, and is very serpentine in his build.

Holy--! He's like a snake with artificial limbs! And he sounds like Tarantulas! And is just about as nuts as him too!

Holy cow, that laugh of his! It's so spine-chilling!

The Decepticon has attached his own head to Sideswipe's body! And is attacking Bee.

I take back what I said about him sounding like Tarantulas. He sound even more insane than Tarantulas ever sounded.

The Decepticon is named Vertebreak. Pretty good chance he's unrelated to the Predacon of the same name.

Vertebreak was part of Crystal City's Science Council. He studied the surgical techniques of other worlds, disciplines such as unauthorized cybergrafting. That's what the council thought. Vertebreak was expelled and swore revenge. Fortunately, he was locked up on the Alchemor before he could put a plan in motion.

Upon finding Vertebreak's lab, Bumblebee swear "By the Primes."

Sideswipe's head is kept inside of glass case. He's still alive, much like G1 Optimus in "City of Steel" or any of the Headmaster's victims from Animated.

The platform his head is resting on is refreshing his energon, but is not designed for longterm use. He needs to get his body back and fast.

Sideswipe was kept alive because Vertebreak was afraid the cybergrafting wouldn't take, and thought he might need to extract more of some brain enzyme.

Bee suggests putting Sideswipe's head on Vertebreak's body for now, but since Fixit needs time to study Vertebreak's notes, the idea is put on hold and Bee and Sideswipe's head will come back later.

Strongarm and Grimlock are faced with the dilemma of having to stop Vertebreak without damaging Sideswipe's body. All the while trying to dodge the subway trains.

They finally subdue Vertebreak, but there's a train coming and nowhere to move out of its way in this narrow tunnel.

They all just barely manage to outrun the train back to the intersection, but Vertebreak regains consciousness.

Bee's battle cry of the day: "Autobots, let's verte-break him!"

Bee decides that their concern for Sideswipe's body is too much of a liability to their mission and orders that the team stop pulling its punches, much to Sideswipe's objections.

Sideswipe realizes that, because Vertebreak hasn't been using Sideswipe's body to its proper fullest, Sideswipe can tell what Vertebreak's next moves will be.

With Sideswipe's help, Vertebreak is finally beaten for good, and Fixit (with assistance from Strongarm) is able to reunite Sideswipe's head with his body.

Sideswipe tricks Strongarm into thinking he cares for her, when he really set her up for another jab at how slow she is.

Strongrm and Sideswipe decide to race back to the scrapyard, but Sideswipe finds himself unable to dash forward or transform, as Fixit reminds him that Fixit can't be certain that everything's been reconnected properly untik they get back to the Alchemor, meaning that Sideswipe loses the race and has to pick up Strongarm's patrol duties for a week.

Sideswipe has to walk home listening to Fixit tell him how he reattached Sideswipe's head.

Charlie Schlatter -- Vertebreak

This one sure was dark. It took a concept that was depicted as comedic on Animated and turned it into something ghoulish. Sideswipe had to learn the hard way that he isn't always the best and had to think outside the box on how to beat his own body. And Vertebreak, oh man, Vertebreak was just SICK! In a good way. That guy was deranged to the nth degree!

Episode 17

Russell's playing football with Hank, Butch, and the other kids again.

Something just fell out of the sky and crashed into the scrapyard!

It's an escape pod. Inside it is Jetstorm, one of Drift's Mini-Cons.

Jetstorm was forced to leave Drift's tutelage after something Jetstorm had done.

He came to Earth to seek out "Commander Russell" as his new master.

The crash damaged Quillfire's stasis pod, and he's broken out.

Quillfire see the other pods and resolves to free his fellow captives from the bonds that hold them. Springload is the first one he frees.

Quillfire tries to manipulate Springload into helping him by claiming to know where the lost city of Doradas is located.

A wild Drift has suddenly appeared!

Fixit's learned of Quillfire's and Springload's escape. The two are headed near a military base.

Bee's latest rally cry: "Time to bring the zoom and lower the boom!"

In order to ease any tensions between Drift and Russell, Bee persuades Drift to assist in recapturing the Decepticons, as his help would honor them.

Quillfire convinces Springload to confuse their pursuers, for the tyrants will pillage Doradas.

The Cons come to the military base and whAAAAAAAAAAT IS THAT HUGE TANK?!!! :shock:

The Cons will steal the tank with Quillfire's claim that it will carry them to Doradas.

Seeing some military vehicles in pursuit of their stolen tank, Denny disguises himself as "Major Thaddeus Q. Flieber" whilst behind the wheel of Strongarm (and Russell dresses up as "General McPlank") in order to get the troops to return to base. When the lieutenant contacts his HQ to get a confirmation on this "Major Flieber", Fixit intercepts the transmission from the Alchemor and tricks the lieutenant into thinking Major Flieber's unit was sent to retrieve the stolen vehicle. Convinced, the lieutenant and his men pull out.

Slipstream reveals that even he does not know of the wrong that had transpired between Jetstorm and Drift.

Jetstorm confesses that he had polished Drift's sword in a clockwise motion instead of counterclockwise. Though it is considered a serious error, before Slipstream can explain that it isn't one so shameful that it warrants Jetstorm being kicked out by Drift, Russel cuts him off.

the Cons take out Bee's team with the tank, but Drift orders his Mini-Cons disable the tank's locomotion while he draws its fire. They are unable to carry out his order, however.

Springload is beginning to doubt that Quillfire really does hear the spirits, but agrees that stopping the Autobots here would make their journey to Doradas easier.

Drift never knew about Jetstorm's error in polishing his sword.

The Autobots decide to take out the tank's weapons while Slipstream and Jetstorm head inside to stop its operators.

Quillfire and Springload end up turning on each other.

Everyone gets out before the tank blows. Sorry, military boys.

Drift never kicked Jetstorm out, as Russell had assumed. Drift had no knowledge of Jetstorm's mistake, as Jetstorm had instead left on his own accord to spare both himself and Drift of the disgrace of Jetstorm's error. What had angered Drift was that Jetstorm had left without word or reason.

Russell also apologizes for assuming the worst of Drift.

Wow. Drift and his team are staying here to learn from the Bee Team and assist them when possible.

Eric Bauza -- Lt. Ziegler

Well, this one was fun. but how could it not be when it had Quillfire, Springload, Drift, and his Mini-Cons all at once? So many unique personalities all playing off each other made for an entertaining session. And it had a good lesson about how you shouldn't jump to the wrong conclusions when you don't have all the facts. Though, a lot of the issues between Russell, Jetstorm, and Drift could have been averted if they all just calmed down and talked about it from the start, but circumstances kept keeping them from having the chance to do so. Still, it helped to show that even Drift is capable to changing. What's more is that these guys get to stay, so kudos to Hasbro Studios finally creating a TF cartoon that actually gets to add to its main Autobot cast within the first season.

Episode 18

The Autobots are conducting a training session that seems to also double as a race.

Grimlock seems to be hiding an injury he sustained in the training.

There's a submarine Decepticon out under the sea. And it's not Hammerstrike.

Fixit's been working on the GroundBridge they previously got from Fracture's ship.

Bee's rallying cry: "Looks like we've come to a bridge! Let's cross it!"

The Bots turn on their comms so they can talk below the surface. Nice touch.

A whole bunch of water comes through the still open GroundBridge.

The Decepticon's robot mode is some kind of... tentacular creature. It's unearthing a Cybertronian space ship!

Bee describes the Con as resembling an Earth octopus, but that is no octopus ordinary octopus design, let alone an Earthen one.

It's digging out the wreckage of a vintage four engine Cybertronian spacecraft.

The database identifies the Con as Octopunch, arrested not just for raiding shipwrecks but for causing them so he could claim their treasure for his own. His appendages are really strong, and sensitive to changes in light, pressure, temperature, and energy signature.

Octopunch probably discovered the vessel after sensing the energon reside from one of the ship's engines. Meaning the craft might still be operational, and Octopunch might want to use it to leave Earth.

Octopunch and the Autobots can't understand each other underwater due to the Autobots communicating over their comm links while Octopunch can speak regularly underwater.

The Decepticon Hunters are useless underwater, so physical combat is the Autobots' only option.

Octopunch physically overwhelms the Bee Team, and enters the ship to activate its weapons.

Sideswipe figures out the ship's defense guns aren't firing on the Bee Team, but in a predetermined pattern.

Grimlock's still feeling the pain from his injury.

Back at the scrapyard, Denny and Russell are still trying to drain the flood.

Oh mercy, Strongarm's encountered a whole swarm of Fixit-type Mini-Cons. And they mean business by subduing and capturing Strongarm.

Grimlock's still hiding his injury.

Some invisible force is attacking Bee and Grimlock.

They're armor-piecing nanodrones. Billions of them.

Grimlock flipped a frequency that shorted out the drones.

Grimlock confesses to hiding his injury from the obstacle since he didn't want to let the team down.

Drift attempts to find a solution to their current trapped state through meditation, but the others keep fidgeting.

Octopunch: "I don't ink so!" -- He squirts ink fromh is tentacles.

Bee ties up Octopunch's tentacles while Grimlock punches him out.

In trying to stop the ship's launch mechanism, Grimlock accidentally activated the self-destruct protocol.

Bee contacts Fixit to open a GroundBridge portal before the ship can explode.

Ha! When Bee asks Fixit to patch up Grimlock, Fixit pulls out his system's probe, which the sight of freaks Strongarm out a bit after her having been subjected to it by Fixit's doppelgangers earlier, and she excuses herself by claiming to go on patrol, which Bee mistakes for true commitment. :lol:

Constance Zimmer -- Ship's Computer
Ted Biaselli -- Octopunch

Another decent one. Nothing too special, but it had its moments. Best of all was the moment between Bumblebee and Grimlock in which the latter confessed his injury and the former apologized for letting Grimlock think he had to hide his injury. The scene was a really good one that put Bee in a position in which he truly felt like a leader and a mentor, acting almost in a tender, fatherly manner towards Grimlock. Drift also got some bits in this one where he had to accept that his standards were a bit too high for everyone to meet, and that he needs to loosen up a bit more. And Octopunch, well, while not so interesting as a character, his design was pretty freaky and creative with all those tentacles of his.

Episode 19

Whoa, hello, power shovel Decepticon!

And a small forklife Decepticon, who calls the bigger one Groundpounder.

The smaller Con is Groundpounder's coach, who's been training him since the prison ship crash, so that Groundpounder can be ready to get back into the ring.

The see an ad for the Crown City Demo Derby, featuring the undefeated dino-demolisher Mechanosaurus, at the Crown City Rumble Dome.

Grimlock attempts to carry two stasis pods, but loses his balance over the strain of their combined weight.

Wait, Grimlock just described himself as "strong and cute", but a few episodes ago, Grimlock was afraid of "cute".

At the derby, the first challenger for Mechanosaurus is Truckodon (who looks more like a Stegosaurus).

Mechanosaurus is based on a Triceratops. And its driver is Crasher Casey.

Groundpounder interrupts the derby and challenges Casey and her Mechanosaurus to a smackdown.

Groundpounder uses the Polyhex Powerslam.

Then the Cyber City Suplex (Cyber City was first introduced in the Armada comics)

Fixit knows of Groundpounder as the Beast of Kaon, the Pulverizer of the Pits, the Pounder of Ground, one of the greatest gladiators that Cybertron has ever known.

During a big match, Groundpounder and his manager Headlock were accused of cheating and banned from the ring. He was arrested because he took apart the arena and went on a rampage across Cybertron. Took half the Elite Guard to bring him in.

When Russell asks if gladiatorial combat on Cybertron was staged like pro wresting is on Earth, Denny is stunned to learn that pro wrestling is staged. :lol:

Bee's battle cry: Autobots, assume cover and burn rubber!"

Then, "Alright, just roll out."

Grimlock has to stay behind since they're GroundBridging directly into the city.

Whoops! They instead bridged to a blizzard wasteland.

And then they bridge to an open area 327 miles from Crown City.

Bee decides that they'll just drive the rest of the way since the bridge is too unreliable try again, and orders Fixit to disguise Grimlock as a contestant to enter the arena against Groundpounder, and puts Denny in charge since he's the closest thing to a responsible adult.

Headlock sneaks underneath Mechanosaurus to sabotage it.

Groundpounder's next move is the Fiery Fists of Furnax/Fernax/Firnax/however it's spelled.

Groundpounder wins the smashdown and is offered a permanent slot in the show by the announcer.

Fixit mentions another of Groundpounder's attacks, the Praxus Piledriver.

Denny presents Grimlock to the derby announcer as "Dino-Bash".

Denny, Russell, a disguised Fixit, and Grimlock all use callsigns when trying to locate Groundpounder. Denny's is "Rubberduck", Russell's is "Pigpen", Fixit's is the one Russell wanted, "Danger Magnet", and Grimlock just uses "Dino-Bash".

Groundpounder's next attack is the Gygax Gouger.

And then the Hydrax Hammerfist.

Denny can't bail out since his door's jammed from the damage it's taken.

The fight's becoming so destructive that the audience starts to flee from the collapsing arena.
headlock shows himself to shock Grimlock's feet.

Awesome! Fixit emerges to take on Headlock!

Groundpounder's next move is tough to make out, but it sounds like he says "Barilla Body-slam".

Fixit uses wrestling moves to both take out Headlock and show Grimlock how to take down Groundpounder.

The others finally arrive just as Grimlock finishes cannonballing Groundpounder.

Russell presents Grimlock and Fixit with the smashdown champion trophy.

Eric Bauza -- Headlock
John DiMaggio -- Groundpounder, Farnum
Kate Bond -- Casey

Hoo whee! That sure was a fun one! An all out action-packed brawl between two heavy hitters. Groundpounder has a great, loud personality, and Headlock managed to complete the Rocky homage as the Burgess Meredith to Groundpounder's Sylester Stallone. Only with the twist of these two being bad guy cheaters. There were a TON of TF nods in the names of Groundpounders move, some more obscure than others, so they really did their homework with those. And besides Grimlock getting the spotlight, Fixit also got some focus, with his belief of Groundpounder being as great as he believed him to be being crushed by the reality of Headlock helping Groundpounder to cheat. This seemingly cliche storytelling device was then put to good work since it inspired Fixit to come out and confront Headlock one on one and show him what real wresting is like! That Fixit got to both be in a real fight and win it was great!

Episode 20

Everyone's looking for someone at the scrapyard, but whoever it is is gone, possibly to the Alchemor's crash site.

It's Fixit they're looking for, and he's acting like a drone with limited intellect.

A wild bear has appeared!

Sideswipe, Slipstream, and Jetstorm engage the bear and ward it off.

Sideswipe makes a Yogi Bear reference.

Sideswipe nudges Fixit back to normal. Or, close to it, as he mistakes an honest question for a hilarious riddle.

Bee notes that it's high time they do something about Fixit's glitches, that he needs repair.

Grimlock refers back to his own experience of learning not to hide his injuries.

Slipstream and Jetstorm have digits the right size to perform a diagnostic on Fixit, but Fixit would prefer if Denny did it.

Denny has to do some research on Fixit's biology before he can start repairing him.

Righty's back! He's come back to try and free Chop Shop once again.

Righty can speak!

Denny's having Slipstream and Jetstorm t least assist him in fixing Fixit.

And then he sends the two out once they start making him nervous.

Fixit awakens prematurely and his eyes turn red.

Fixit mistakens the Autobots for suspected escapees from the Alchemor and proceeds to engage them with an arsenal of weaponry.

Strongarm recalls the armed guard bots that attacked in that sunken ship, and who looked like early versions of Fixit.

They suppose that Fixit was not just the Alchemor's cartaker bot, but its security guard as well, since the ship would have needed someone with that kind of firepower in case any of its prisoners got loose. They also wonder if Fixit forgot about his security protocols and weaponry in the crash.

Fixit has deployed and activated the Measure 4 Defense Systems. Several guns pop out of hiding spots located all throughout the scrapyard.

Chop Shop is freed amid the chaos, and Righty reattaches to him.

Chop Shop spots some energon cubes nearby.

Denny explains that all the weapons set up everywhere came from when he helped Fixit store some gear here and there that Fixit couldn't identify.

Bee and Strongarm are caught in a containment field. As are Drift and his Mini-Cons.

Russell tries to convince Fixit into targeting Chop Shop, but Fixit views everyone as a suspected escapee, including Russell and Denny.

Thankfully, one of Chop Shop's components falls next to Fixit, who diverts all his resources to target the confirmed Decepticon Chop Shop.

All of the Autobots are let out as Fixit focuses on Chop Shop, and they all converge on Chop Shop.

Bee blocks Chop Shop's escape and Fixit disables him. Bee tries to convince Fixit that the threat is over, but because Chop Shop ignored orders, Fixit declares that Chop Shop must be deactivated. Forcibly.

Bee tries to grab Fixit, but Fixit lops Bumblebee around like a ragdoll. "Oh, wow, you're stronger than I would have guessed!"

The screen blacks out as Fixit trounces the other Autobots. I guess it was too violent for our eyes to see. :P

Denny sneaks up behind and deactivates Fixit just in time to save the fallen Chop Shop.

Denny finally fixes Fixit, who awakens with a Wizard of Oz reference. But he doesn't remember going berserk on everyone.

Even though Fixit says he feels like a million credits, Denny admits that he isn't sure he really fixed anything.

Fixit: "Sweet Solus Prime, what happened!? This mess is a place! You all have no respect for order!"

If they can't ever fix Fixit, Drift suggests finding and repairing the defense systems Fixit created. Bee permits Drift to see what he can do.

Bumblebee has another vision from Optimus, warning him to be prepared for the mysterious evil that approaches Earth.

Will Friedle -- Righty

Plotwise, this episode didn't really do that much that was new, since it was the old "teammate goes berserk and attacks his friends" plot, but that doesn't mean it was bad. This episode did have some nice continuity nods to previous episodes and gave us some focus on Fixit's original purpose as the Alchemor's caretaker and guard. We got to see just how lethal the little guy can be when his guard protocol is unlocked, and we discovered that the scrapyard now has defenses hidden everywhere that Drift is gonna try reactivating. And Chop Shop was cool as usual, but Righty by himself showed a tremendous amount of character expression for being a bug of very little words, what with his "hiding in plan sight" methods of trying to blend in with the scrapyard's odds and ends. And we can't forget that ominous warning from Optimus at the end. Who knows what that might entail.
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Re: Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015) early viewing th

Postby Sabrblade » Sat Jun 27, 2015 11:56 am

A little late on this, but episodes 21-26 came out around the middle of June on the Australian iTunes, and the first page had been updated with Dailymotion links for all of them. So now the whole first season is available to watch.

Episode 21

Denny just bought a roller coaster!

Ha. Strongarm's concerned over the phrase "it was a steal". Still, it'd sound funnier coming from Chase.

Russell tries to teach Grimlock how to play football, but manages to have the security alarm set off.

Steeljaw's pack is eyeing the scrapyard.

A new Decepticon is wanting to join Steeljaw's pack, and is being used by them as bait.

His name's Kickback. I'm not gonna jump to any conclusions about what, if any, relation he may or may not have to his Insecticon namesake.

The manifest describes him as a professional Decepticon lackey who's worked with just about every criminal on Cybertron.

Kickback breaks free and, whoa, he turns into an F-1 racer!

The comm systems have been jammed.

Steeljaw's pack has infiltrated the scrapyard.

Airazor takes over the Alchemor's control console.

Steeljaw's dossier states that he's been jailed for instigating rebellion and has a knowledge of subsonics.

The security system will be rewired to emit sonic pulses that don't affect bots outfitted with the special chips Steeljaw cobbled together for his pack, but which aren't nearly as kind to standard Autobots and Dinobots.

Steeljaw would have modified the defense field subsonics to destroy the Autobots, but the power source was too limited.

The Autobots surrender their Decepticon Hunters.

Steeljaw's wanting to free the other Decepticons from their stasis pods.

Fixit claims that the pods can only be open from the command console or else they explode.

Russell and Denny escape when Underbite is distracted by a delicious-looking metal boat. They're going to try to take down Thunderhoof and Clampdown first.

The sonic field extends underground by at least 50 feet.

Thunderhoof and Clampdown chase Denny and Russell up the back hillside, where they are tricked into sliding down the unfinished roller coaster.

They almost crash into a storage locker, but Clampdown swings himself and Thunderhoof away at the last second, prompting Russell to trigger an emergency ejection (but not before Clampdown grabs Denny).

Steeljaw threatens to harm Denny if Fixit doesn't open the stasis pods right now.

The pods are opening...

Russell gets to the Bee Team.

Since the field is only set to keep out Autobots and Dinobots, the Autobots wonder if Mini-Cons can get through.

When the Pack is distracted, Fixit quickly stops the pods from opening.

Slipstream is catapulted into the scrapyard.

As is Jetstorm, who strikes the console on his landing, disabling the subsonic field.

It's Bots vs. Cons, but the pods are still opening.

Denny gets the pods closed.

Steeljaw vows to give the Decepticons their own world, this world, and he shall rule them.

The whole Pack gets out of dodge.

Denny and Russell are commended for their actions.

At his hideout, Steeljaw vents his frustration.

A mysterious individual contacts Steeljaw.

He calls himself "the first Decepticon", and claims to be responsible for the Alchemor's crash. He further claims to have freed Steeljaw and his pack to serve him.

He tells Steeljaw to prepare his gateway, and that he will provide Steeljaw with instructions shortly.

Steeljaw is reluctant to follow anyone's order, but this person warns him that, despite being in different dimensions, this "first Decepticon" can still hurt Steeljaw.

Steeljaw still refuses, but then this person promises Steeljaw that he will give Steeljaw this world if Steeljaw does what he says. Intrigued, Steeljaw agrees... for now.

Gil Gerard -- Megatronus (Steeljaw's contact)
Liam O'Brian -- Kickback

Okay, so, before I talk about that ending, I'll say that this episode in several ways reminded me of the Animated episode "Sari, No One's Home", from the Autobot base being infiltrated while they're out distracted by another Con, to the base having to be protected by human characters using Home Alone-styled traps and such. Though, with the characters involved being more of the main cast instead of the comic relief side characters, this one felt just a little more on the serious side, which is good since another humor-centric take on this concept might have felt a bit redundant. Plus, this time, the distracting Con was a minor character, Kickback, and I hope we'll see more of him at some point since I kinda felt sorry for the guy when the Pack used him the way it did. And we got more of Steeljaw's plans showing that he does indeed want to rule the world, but not just for the sheer sake of ruling like most Megatrons do, but more so that he can guarantee total freedom for all Decepticon kind, with everyone serving under him. So he's not quite as noble in his ambitions as we were led to believe, but there is still some bit of nobility in them for wanting the Decepticons to have their own world free of Autobot oppression. And of course, there's Denny and Russell proving their worth in this one with their quick thinking and intuitive use of the scrapyard's doohickeys to outsmart the Pack.

And now, let's talk about that ending. Though it came out of nowhere, I am glad to see that we are getting real, proper build up to the finale at a point that is both close enough to the finale to not be too late and far enough into the series to not be too soon. Looking back at the season, the hints we got of this before were a bit too sporadic, but with this coming right after Optimus's warning in the previous episode, it feels like things might be heading down a more fluid path to make the finale come at a more natural pace. I'm looking forward to seeing what's to come out of this.

Episode 22

Denny's obnoxious snoring is keeping Russell from sleeping.

The next morning, Denny offers to build Russell his own place separate from the trailer.

Grimlock's on patrol and sees something.

It's another Dinobot! An Ankylosaur with Decepticon symbols. His voice sounds awesome.

He's named Scowl. His tail club is named "the Kaboomer".

Scowl really loves smashing stuff without a care in the world.

Scowl convinces Grimlock to smash apart the stadium their at, since Grimlock figures that the humans were tearing it down anyway and they'd be doing the humans a favor.

Denny pulls up in an old beat up RV to be remade into Russell's new place.

Scowl wants to "smash this lousy planet to splinters!" Grimlock confesses that he's an Autobot now and kinda has to arrest Scowl. Scowl argues that he's not a bad bot, but just likes to smash stuff.

Grimlock decides to let Scowl go if he promises not to put any humans (or "screamers" as Scowl calls them) in danger. Scowl promises, but not very convincingly (to us viewers, that is).

Russell's worried his dad's gonna do his place all up in "Denny style".

Grimlock returns with the claim of having found no Decepticons (or smashing) on patrol, but Fixit detects a signal near the demolition derby where Grimlock was just at.

Grimlock confesses everything.

Scowl's dossier says that he worked for Thunderhoof as a Wrecker (hopefully not the same Wreckers as the Autobot team of the same name) who destroyed the homes of bots who wouldn't vacate after Thunderhoof stole the land they sat on.

Bee's failed rally cry: "Okay, Autobots... Let's wreck and roll!"

Grimlock still thinks Scowl isn't a bad bot and suggests becoming Scowl's mentor, to which Bumblebee, Sideswipe, and Drift all explain why that isn't a good idea.

Scowl appears, thinking Grimlock's turned on him.

Scowl had kept his promise to not harm any humans, but smashes the train bridge as a train is one its way.

As they smash each other, Grimlock and Scowl had an ideological debate about what it means to be a Dinobot.

The bridge is too badly damaged to salvage, so they need to smash the whole thing away to...

...let the Autobots catch the whole train in their hands, and turn it around to redirect it to its previous stop. Strongarm broadcasts an emergency message to the passengers.

Scowl's gotten away. He's happened upon a fancy hotel resort with lots of humans.

Denny places a rooftop entertainment center atop the RV, which smashes it.

Denny wanted to do something special for Russell since he wasn't there for Russell that much when he was a kid. But now the two will work on it together.

Sideswipe attempts to announce to the humans that Scowl is a rare kangaroo that's escaped from the exotic animal park.

Grimlosk struggles to keep a ton of debris from falling on a meditation group.

Grimlock goes totally primal on Scowl!

Grimlock tricks Scowl into thinking that Grimlock finally agrees with Scowl's ideals, only for Grimlock to knock him out cold.

Russell' new place is finally done, made out of an old car and another camper.

Mark Hildreth -- Scowl (I knew his voice sounded awesome for a reason!), Automated Announcer

This episode, while using the classic plot of "good guy is swayed by a seemingly gray bad guy to be more like him and torn between what's right and wrong" plot, was fairly enjoyable. Charming, even. Though Scowl as a character wasn't that special, he sure had a cool design and a great voice. But it was Grimlock who made this a good one, as we got to see him thinking much more smarter than ever before, showing us that he really does understand where the line is drawn in how one should behave and even having him engage in a ethical debate over it ("Just because something's easier and more fun, Scowl, that doesn't make it right."), and all because he really wanted to help Scowl rather than just beat him up. But in the end, Grimlock had to accept that "You can't helpo some bot who doesn't want to be helped." It's like what Bumblebee said near the episode's end: "When did you get so smart?" It's really great to get these kinds of episodes that show us just how deep even the dimmest of characters can be.

Episode 23

Having noticed how many of the Alchemor's prisoners resemble Earth's animals, Strongarm's having the others learn more about Earth animal physiology.

Sideswipe's over this and goes off to train on his own.

Crouching Razorpaw, Flying Windblade!

Windblade mistakens Sideswipe for a Decepticon.

Windblade is brought back to the scrapyard.

Windblade was sent by Primus (yeah, that Primus) on a mission of her own more than a thousand years ago. Primus believed that someday a terrible evil would focus on Earth and threaten all life in this galaxy. He upgraded her tracking systems and put her in stasis, ordering her to protect this word at all costs.

She awoke on the other side of the planet a month ago. She's hunted down every Con she's sensed since then.

Windblade detected a new Con on her own, and showed Fixit how to enhance his computer's scanners.

Windblade's rally cry: "Alright, let's crank our pistons and cross some distance!"

Strongarm is really not liking all the attention Windblade's getting.

Strongarm's jealousy caused her team to be spotted by a (very robotic-sounding) human, who radios for drones to intercept them.

Windblade observes that humans all appear to be mind-controlled.

The Decepticon inside the hangar is a large overweight yellow fembot.

The toxin in her stinger makes the humans very loyal to her, working even better on humans than Autobots.

She plans to have the humans spread her toxin and her control from airport to airport across the globe, at which point the entire planet will call her queen.

Strongarm stops Windblade from attacking the Con, and tricks the Con into thinking that the Autobots can do nothing to stop her, thus the Con grants the Autobots permission to leave.

Windblade was willing to let two of the Con's hostages be sacrificed for the sake of the world.

The Con is bee-like and named Zizza. On Cybertron she built an army of mind-controlled citizens and tried to take over that planet as well. She might have succeed, but her toxin wore off before she could consolidate her power. And there's no antidote for her toxin on file, with the only cure seeming to be time.

Strongarm compares Zizza's behavior and that of her servants to those of a queen bee, drone bees, and worker bees, and uses this knowledge to formulate a plan.

Grimlock climbs a control tower to go all King Kong on the drone planes.

An incoming flight is requesting to land at the airport.

After the Mini-Cons knock out the power, Zizza sends out all the humans to fight for and protect her.

Sideswipe and Windblade disable the drones.

Fixit diverts the jet away to another landing facility.

Whoa, Zizza really does turn into a bee.

With teamwork and a cold foam truck, Strongarm, Sideswipe, and Windblade all disable Zizza together.

All evidence of Zizza's presence was removed from the airport.

Windblade has to leave since her next Con's a way's away from the scrapyard.

Kristy Wu -- Windblade, Pilot
Jackée Harry -- Zizza
Eric Bauza -- Look-Out
Razorpaw is not credited

Not a bad debut for our new Autobot Windblade. She's competent, skillful, a little overconfident, and has divine-based backstory. In other words, she has all the makings of a fanfic character, and yet somehow remained charismatic enough to avoid being labeled as such. And Zizza was, well, she kinda reminded me of the Wicked Witch Evilene from The Wiz, being the big fat throne-seated queen barking orders to her underlings, but was passable for a one-off minor villain. But like last episode, this episode gave us another side of one of the main characters, Strongarm, in which we got to see her jealous side that would up compromising the mission at times. Only when she saw how Windblade was willing to sacrifice the humans did her rational train of thought return since it overlapped with her disdain for Windblade, allowing her to properly show Windblade to be in the wrong. It's rare that a character's jealously is able to be put to good use in the end, as the typical "anti-jealousy" message of this kind of plot would put Strongarm in the wrong. But instead, it had both fembots need to learn something instead of just the jealous one. Nice.

Oh, and of course:

Episode 24

Denny and Russell return from a camping trip on which they got drenched by a rain storm.

Sideswipe, Strongarm, and Grimloock reminisce about the Sonic Canyons, the Manganese Mountains, and the Acid Wastes on Cybertron.

With no Decepticon activity, Bumblebee is going to prove to the others that Earth has just as much, if not more, to offer as Cybertron.

Bumblebee has Fixit surprise the team as to which location the GroundBridge will send them.

Bee's rally cry: "Bee Team, this'll be an adventure." And he's not made fun of for this one.

Whoops, they get sent to the top of a volcano!

This time, Fixit sends them to someplace "warm and nonfatal."

Western America. One of Bee's favorite places on Earth (nice callback to Prime, even if Jasper, Nevada was pure dullsville).

They're not far from the ghost town of... can't make out the name.

Drift seems to be the only one other than Bumblebee interested in the ghost town.

Something's watching the Bots at the ghost town.

A bus is approaching the town. It's full of tourists and their unenthusiastic guide.

Back in the day, the town was filled with cowpokes, gamblers, miners, and outlaws.

The Bots make noises to scare the humans out of town.

LOL at Drift both pretending to be a ghost and being late on his cue. :lol:

Bee says he felt an unfriendly presence earlier, and Drift agrees that they should investigate since leaving without removing the threat to the frequent human tours would be dishonorable.

Several traps are being sprung on the Bots.

Fixit pulls up info on a Decepticon who can turn invisible. His name is Pseudo. He was Cybertron's sneakiest spy, arrested for selling Cybertronian secrets to offworld enemies. His power isn't invisibility, but rather, he's a Shifter (the same type of Cybertronian that Makeshift was). He can change his appearance, and even his actual physical structure, to blend in with any environment.

Pseudo scans each member of the Bee Team.

Pseudo takes Drift's form. Both Drifts appear at the same time.

Both Drifts can transform, but the real Drift has his Mini-Cons.

They chase Pseudo into the mine, where they all get separated in the tunnels.

Pseudo takes Grimlock's form, but they ask both Grimlocks what Grimlock's favorite thing about Cybertron's acid wastes is. Pseudo thought it was a trick question.

Pseudo takes the form of the town's old locomotive.

Grimlock slams Drift's Mini-Cons over to take out the track Pseudo's on, causing him to crash.

Pseudo's true form is like some kind of insect.

The Bots express what they each do like about Earth.

Before heading back, they catch a mighty nice sunset.

Eric Bauza -- Pseudo, Male Tourist
Kath Soucie -- Tour Guide

Well, this turned out to be a charming one. Wasn't at all what I was expecting it to be. I was thinking we'd get more homages and parodies to Western flicks with a showdown or a stampede or any of the stuff Bumblebee described having been in the town in the past. I was also hoping it wouldn't be another fear-themed episode since we already got one of those, and thankfully the haunted aspects of this one were only mildly present. What I didn't see coming was Pseudo being a Shifter, which was very cool and a great tie in with TF: Prime with Pseudo carrying on the legacy of the late Makeshift. Another cool tie in was how the team went to the same part of the country as TF: Prime was set in and had it be one of Bumblebee's favorite places on Earth. Overall, nothing too substantial, but still a pretty fun episode.

Episode 25

Sideswipe and Strongarm are training, when the happen upon Underbite and Thunderhoof.

Hey neat! More training with Optimus in the Realm of the Primes.

He's training some more with Micronus.

Something is starting, and Optimus is not ready.

Underbite chases Strongarm while Airazor and Divebomb ready to trap her.

Strongarm and Sideswipe are captured.

Bee's planning a rescue, and Windblade's arrived.

Bumblebee: "Drift, Grim, let's roll the rescue! ...Wait, no, somebody's already using that battle cry. Nevermind, let's move out." EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

The "first Decepticon" has had Steeljaw's Pack gathering building materials for something.

Fracture's got an Earth mode by now. He's going to the scrapyard to capture Fixit.

No one other than Steeljaw can see or hear Megatronus.

Micronus is taking Optimus to see the Primes.

There are five Primes. The rightmost one has to be Quintus Prime. The leftmost could be Alpha Trion, and the middle one might be Vector Prime. The others aren't quite as discernible.

For Optimus to face this challenge, the Primes must share with him a portion of each of their sparks, an awesome amount of power. If he is not properly prepared, he will not survive.

Optimus is upgraded to having the color scheme of his Mega toy.

Underbite takes out Windblade and the Pack captures her.

Hank's come to see Russell. She brought him a Bronco Kowalski rookie card.

Airazor uses hologram tech to pose as Hank and trick Russell into deactivating the security system and opening the gate.

Optimus has come to save the day.

The arch Steeljaw's Pack is building is at the base of the Crown City Colossus.

The arch is activated. Something's coming through a portal.

Optimus drives off a bridge and flies across the WaAAAIT, if he can fly, why did he bother driving?

Optimus fails to stop the guy coming through the portal. Megatronus has arrived.

Troy Baker -- Vector Prime

I'm a little indifferent towards this one. On the one hand, it was a passable episode with not really much of anything wrong with it. But on the other hand, there wasn't much wrong with it mainly because there wasn't much that really happened in this one. Some bots get captured, other Bots plan a rescue, the Cons plot, Optimus comes back, the arch is prepared and lit, Bots and Cons struggle, and then Megatronus comes. It just kinda felt really bare bones in this one with not that much to it. Sure, it's only part 1 of the bigger story, so hopefully part 2 will make it worth it. But on its own, it is a par for the course episode with little worthwhile to it. I mean, sure we got Megatronus's arrival, but it just didn't have that sense of awe that it needed to really be epic. His arrival just kinda feels... hollow. Hopefully the next one will make him more impressive.

Episode 26

Episode recap has Bumblebee say "Previously on Robots in Disguise..." Like the only episode recap Rescue Bots had, the "Transformers part of the title is excluded.

Drift doesn't know who Megatronus is, and wonders if he's also known by the name "Megatron".

The Alchemor's manifest actually has an entry on Megatronus. It says that Megatron named himself after Megatronus, who was one of the original Primes, but he turned on his brethren, destroying Solus Prime.

Both Earth and Cybertron played a role in Megatronus's exile.

Megatronus's hand can convert to a drill weapon.

Denny and Russell pretend to be filmmakers who claim that some of their animatronic props have gone haywire, to explain the presence of the Bots over at the statue.

Megatronus has been granted additional power from a source far greater than the Primes.

Megatronus turns into a giant monster of a tank.

Megatronus's plan is to use his staff to extract the last remains of Unicron's Anti-Spark from the Earth 's core, then to summon the AllSpark from Cybertron, and bring the two together, blowing both planets to dust.

A super burst of power occurred when Sideswipe and Strongarm brought their Decepticon Hunters together in close contact.

Optimus identifies Megatronus's staff as a Spark Fuser.

Strongarm, Sideswipe, and Bumblebee bring their Decepticon Hunters together and inagine theirs to become like Optimus's.


The AllSpark has come.

But it gets sent back when Optimus damages the Spark Fuser enough to shut it off and sent the Anti-Spark back into the core.

The three upgraded Autobots utterly annihilate Megatronus.

Bumblebee's decisive battle cry: "You heard him, team. Let's rev up and roll out!" The others approve.

All of Steeljaw's Pack, barring the wolf himself, are recaptured.

Since Steeljaw and other Cons are still on Earth, Bumblebee decides to stay on Earth. As do the other Autobots. And Optimus will only stay if he is not as Bumblebee's leader, but as his equal.

Eric Bauza -- Officer

Well, this is the end of the season and it was... fair. Honestly, I knew Optimus would come back, but I didn't really want him back. It kinda felt like he took away from the Bee Team focus-wise, and the notion that he was needed makes our heroes look incapable of handling big situations without him. And when we find out that they didn't really need Optimus at all since it was the regular Decepticon Hunters wielded by the Bee Team that were what won the day instead, it begs the question of why they even really brought in Optimus in the first place. Likewise, Megatronus was kinda boring as a villain, based mostly on how little we know of his motivation and reasons for trying to do what he did. It's a severe case of "Show, don't tell," in which we were just told of Megatronus's evil, but it wasn't shown as being that much different from the evils of any other main bad guy Transformers. He really needed more of a presence in this season as a whole.

But on the upside, however, we got some good (if not great) bits with all the other characters, especially Steeljaw. He really seems like he truly believes in his plan of giving the Decepticons a planet to call their home (and rule said some, though). And just about all of the Autobots had their own little spotlight moments to enhance their character further. I also liked the power up that the three Decepticon Hunters made to Bee/Swipe/Strongarm, those were cool (even if they were random, out of nowhere, and called into question the significance of the Prime Decepticon Hunter if the regular ones could copy it). It was only the Primes themselves that were more on the dull side of things. But with Optimus returning not as a leader, instead as Bumblebee's equal, that could open up some possibly interesting storytelling (though I would have preferred either he return to be a subordinate of Bumblebee, or not at all).

As for the season overall, it wasn't half bad. Several episodes that were either good, fun, or both, whereas the finale could have benefited from some better foreshadowing to it. Sure, we got some bits and pieces, but they were far too few and infrequent. Megatronus barely had a presence in this show, and could have worked better if he had made some more appearances beforehand. Granted, it was built up way more properly than Prime's season 1 finale, and I did really enjoy this season, but there's still plenty of room for improvement.
"When there's gold feathers, punch behind you!!"

“Critics who treat 'adult' as a term of approval, instead of as a merely descriptive term, cannot be adult themselves. To be concerned about being grown up, to admire the grown up because it is grown up, to blush at the suspicion of being childish; these things are the marks of childhood and adolescence. And in childhood and adolescence they are, in moderation, healthy symptoms. Young things ought to want to grow. But to carry on into middle life or even into early manhood this concern about being adult is a mark of really arrested development. When I was ten, I read fairy tales in secret and would have been ashamed if I had been found doing so. Now that I am fifty I read them openly. When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.” -- C.S. Lewis
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