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Beast Wars II fully subtitled in English by Karyuudo Fansubs

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Beast Wars II fully subtitled in English by Karyuudo Fansubs

Postby Sabrblade » Sat Apr 02, 2016 1:25 pm

Ladies and gentlemen, what you are about to behold has been a long time coming. Twenty years ago, 1996, the Beast Wars cartoon came into being. Its first season was 26 episodes long, while its second and third seasons were each 13 episodes. When the show was brought over to Japan, its first season was at first released there by itself because its second season was deemed too short in episode count to air on Japanese television for a full year, so Japan opted to wait for the third season to be completed before airing the second season. As the third season would take some time to be completed in Canada, Japan needed something to fill in gap while they waited. Thus, in 1998, they created the first of two Japanese-original Beast Wars anime series, which has never been fully viewable in a form understandable for English speakers. Until now.

Set in the far distant future, tens of thousands of years after the American Beast Wars and Beast Machines cartoons, Beast Wars II: Super Lifeform Transformers (note that the "II" is pronounced like the word "second", essentially "Beast Wars Second") tells the tale of the Cybertrons (Maximals) led by Lio Convoy vs. the Destrons (Predacons) led by Galvatron as they fight over a mysterious new energy called Angolmois on the post-apocalyptic planet Gaea. And now, after 18 years of waiting, this series has finally been subtitled in English by anime fansubbing group Karyuudo Fansubs, who have previously provided us with fansubbed releases of Car Robots, Zone, and Micron Densetsu.

Also included is a subbed release of the triple feature film Beast Wars Special, containing a Japanese-original clip show of the first season of the American Beast Wars cartoon, a special Beast Wars II presentation titled "Lio Convoy's Critical Moment", and the Japanese dub of the Beast Wars season 2 episode "Bad Spark".

All the episodes and the movie are available for torrent download. Below is a copy of Karyuudo's original announcement of this release.


We are pleased to announce that Beast Wars II / Beast Wars Special - The 20th Anniversary Collection is now available.

You can find the download link HERE: http://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=799184

What this set includes:

Beast Wars II DVD Box Set in MKV format
  • All 43 episodes in the original Japanese language with 2 optional sets of English subtitles
  • The 1st set is with the original Japanese faction names, honorifics, and translated command code for changing modes
  • 2nd set is for casual fans which replaces the Japanese factions names, honorifics, and command code for changing modes into the Western names. Character names remain the same.
Beast Wars Special DVD (3 episodes) in MKV format
  • Beast Wars Clash Beast Warriors (Japanese language with 2 optional sets of English subtitles)
  • Beast Wars II Lio Convoy’s Critical Moment (Original Japanese language with 2 optional sets of English subtitles)
  • Beast Wars Metals (Japanese language with 2 optional sets of English subtitles + 2 Japanese Subtitles (From the original DVD) + original English language)
  • The 1st set is with the original Japanese faction names, honorifics, and translated command code for changing modes
  • 2nd set is for casual fans which replaces the Japanese factions names, honorifics, and command codes for changing modes into the Western names. Character names are replaced in Beast Wars / Beast Wars Metals with their Western names. The Beast Wars II Movie only replaces Convoy’s name with Optimus Primal.

A Complete Reference Guide
  • A PDF Format Guide explaining translations, cultural references and information about the series

Soundtracks (FLAC format)
  • Beast Wars II, Super Lifeforms, Transformers - CYBER MUSIC - Original Soundtrack
  • Super Lifeforms, Transformers, Beast Wars II - Hyper Music ~ Soundtrack 2
  • Movie edition of [Beast Wars ~ Super Lifeforms, Transformers ~ Special] Strongest Music Collection ~ Original Soundtrack
CD Singles (FLAC format)
  • GET MY FUTURE ・ SILENT MOON - Cyber Nation Network
  • Yume no Iru Basho ・ Konna Kimochi - Jun Yoneya
  • SUPER VOYAGER ・ Thank You, Mama - Cyber Nation Network
  • FOR THE DREAM - Mickey
  • Hajimari no Uta ・ Hateshinai kono (SORA) e - Katsu Seiji and Kenzō Isurugi
  • Tamashī no Evolution ・ BA-BI-BU-BE Beast Wars - Hironobu Kageyama / Hironobu Kageyama and The Ba-Bi-Bu-Be Bombers
  • Ano Yume no Kanata e ・WA! WA! Wonderland - C.O.A.
  • Sennen no Soldier ・HALLELUYAH - Hironobu Kageyama / Hironobu Kageyama, Mitsuko Horie, and The Ba-Bi-Bu-Be Bombers
Videos (Various formats)
  • Clean Opening - GET MY FUTURE* (A clean version of the 2nd Opening called “SUPER VOYAGER” was not included in the box set.)
  • Clean Ending - Yume no Iru Basho
  • Beast Wars Special Trailer
  • Beast Wars II Commercials
  • Beast Wars II Natsukashii no Hero Show (Live Stage Play in Original Japanese language no subtitles)
Images (JPEG format)
  • Beast Wars II DVD Box Set Scans
  • Beast Wars Special DVD Scans
  • Beast Wars II & Special VHS Cassettes Scans
  • Beast Wars II CD Soundtrack Scans
  • Beast Wars II CD Single Scans
  • Beast Wars II Anime Cels
  • Beast Wars II Tech Spec Cards
  • Beast Wars II Korean Jan-Ken-Pon Cards
  • Poster & Flyer Scans
Books & Magazines (CBR format)
  • Beast Wars II Databook Scans
  • Beast Wars II Encyclopedia Scans
  • Beast Wars II The Strongest Playbook Scans
  • Beast Wars Special Film Book
  • Bom Bom Comic Magazine Scans
  • TV Magazine Scans
  • Beast Wars II Manga
FAQ (Also known as please read first before asking questions) :)

Question: What do I need to download this?
Answer: To be able to download these, you will need a BitTorrent client. We recommend Deluge, a simple BitTorrent client that will do the job with no advertisements or hidden surprises.

Once you install the application, you're ready to download from the torrent. Download and open the .torrent file, add it to Deluge, and the application will do the rest.

Once your download is complete, you can view this release with VLC.

Question: Will you release these on DVDs?
Answer: Sorry, we have no plans to do this.

Question: Are you planning on subtitling Beast Wars Neo?
Answer: We have no plans at this time to subtitle Beast Wars Neo. It doesn’t mean that we won’t do it, but we’ve just spent the past year putting together this project for everyone, so we need a break. :)

Question: Was this series very difficult to translate?
Answer: Yes and no. If a non-native Japanese were to translate this series on their own, there would probably be something lost or misinterpreted in the translation. Thankfully for our team, we have a wonderful friend and teammate named Takae, who is a native born Japanese and fluent in both languages. She, like all of us, is a huge Transformer fan, and took a lot of time out of her busy schedule over the past year to script and translate the first draft of each episode. If there’s anyone you should be thanking for this series to have been translated, it’s her. :) On top of translating, there’s research that was needed to be done, since sometimes there’s references to old TV shows and movies in the series, and this needed to be explained. All of these instances have been recorded in the translator notes.

Question: Are you planning on translating all of the Japanese dub of Beast Wars and Beast Wars Metals since you have those two specials in the collection?
Answer: No. We did those two special episodes as an bonus for everyone, since they came on the same DVD as the Beast Wars II movie. We felt that doing this would give Western fans an idea on some of the changes to the dialogue that was done. We hope you enjoy them!

Question: Why are some of the character’s names different than certain Transformers fan and resource sites as well as from the IDW Beast Wars Sourcebook?
Answer: There are many Transformers fan sites out there which are great resources, with many fans devoting much time to put the information out there to help others understand / fill in the gaps on many different Transformers series. With respect to everyone, fan sites are not official (and neither are we) on how the character’s names are written. There is also some disagreement with how the IDW Beast Wars Sourcebook was created; and how many fans didn’t agree with the way some of the character’s names were spelled and their bios’ were written, since most of reference material was based from a fan page. Additionally, the spelling of some character’s names varies depending on which Japanese media related material you’re looking at. With that in mind, we’ve spelled the characters names on how we as a group felt. With several names such as Tasmanian Kid versus Tasmania Kid, or Autocrusher versus Autocrasher, there’s several ways you can write them into English. Bottom line, it’s how one interprets it based on the katakana characters.

Question: I would like to customize the subtitles for myself; how do I do that?
Answer: There’s a site called MKVToolNix which hosts various tools to extract the subtitles with. Once to extract the files you can edit them with a subtitling program called Aegisub. We’ve also included the fonts we used in the package so that they appear the same in your customized authored version. Generally speaking, most fan groups like to burn or hard subtitle their files into the video to prevent others from using them. However, we don’t follow this same practice and leave ours as soft subtitles, allowing one to turn them on or off while watching.

Question: I’d like to use your subtitles and translate this show into my native language and publicly release this. Are you OK with me doing this?
Answer: Absolutely! We kindly ask that you contact us either by PM, or on our Facebook page before doing so, as well as providing us the credit in the subtitles with your release. The more that others can get to watch and enjoy this series in their native language, the better it is for the entire community. :)

Question: For some reason, it doesn’t look like VLC is using the fonts properly. How can I fix this?
Answer: You can either copy all the fonts provided in the Extras folder into your fonts folder within C:\Windows\Fonts or right click on each of them included in the package and install them. Unfortunately, since I don’t use either OSX or Linux, I cannot provide any advice on how to install these on those operating systems. However Google can help you with that :)

Question: Are you getting compensated somehow?
Answer: No. Just as we did Car Robots, Zone and Legends of the Microns, we do these projects for free and for fans to enjoy. This series in particular is considered one of the holy grail's among fans, and we’re excited to be able to finally share it with everyone. We hope everyone appreciates the hard work and hundreds of hours that went into creating this.

Question: I have something I want to ask that wasn’t covered here.
Answer: By all means, do ask, and we’ll do the best we can to answer.
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