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In response to this.

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In response to this.

Postby Stedut0 » Mon Nov 21, 2016 11:03 pm

In a 2009 news story, a 24-year-old man ended up being surrounded with an armed tactical response unit when he foolishly pointed his Megatron Walther at his neighbours.
"It’s a Transformer," the man protested. "It turns into a Luger [Sic]. It’s an 80s-style Transformer... He’s had a really bad day. People are treating him like crap."

Read more: http://www.denofgeek.com/movies/transfo ... z4QhnkyhQ1

I am the person mentioned: I suppose when someone just breaks in your house, it better to use a real gun and kill them in self defense instead of using a convincing one and faking it so they run off and live.... I wasnt throwing a tantrum and waving it out any windows, I was listening to music while I was packing stuff to move. 2 guys the night before broke in and tried to rob me, they made off with $10 (while being a foot away from a 2007 botcon set which was easily sold for $600. This was before Henkei or Generations seekers) and I made a report to police. I decided Id keep megatron nearby in case they came back. someone saw me with it and freaked cause I was living near a school. They must of called the cops, I dont actually know who did. I am not a gun nut, but I know when it says p38 on the side of it, its NOT a luger. That was my neighbors quote. not mine. I was just researching G1 background and boom! Theres this article about me. reading the comments, alot of ppl just didnt read properly.

dont believe everything you read on the internet, right? especially when the news has missing pieces to what ACTUALLY happened.
The police were out there 3 hours before I heard anything, by then it was late and I figured "ok they arent coming back" so I put it back in the box (it was Encore 18 or 23? megatron) with the rest of my 300+ figures with their boxes. That is where the police found it, not on me. 2 years ago I sold my entire collection for $10,000 (which was everything I bought when it came out since 97, boxes and all 95% of them complete). They incinerated the figure, I didnt get time. I did not comment to the press so anything quoted is NOT from me.
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