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New subtitled release of Scramble City by Karyuudo Fansubs

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New subtitled release of Scramble City by Karyuudo Fansubs

Postby Sabrblade » Thu Mar 30, 2017 11:10 am

Let's take a trip back to April 1986. The second season of the G1 cartoon had ended and Transformers: The Movie was set to hit theaters in August as a means to bridge the gap between the cartoon's second season and its third season, which was due to air in September of that year. However, the same would not be the case for Japan, as the Japanese version of the first two seasons was still airing new episodes at the time, and the movie would not see release in Japan until 1989. As a means to bridge the forthcoming time gap between the Japanese versions of seasons 2 and 3, a brand new piece of Transformers animation was created by Japan for Japan, for the first time ever: Scramble City.

This original video animation (OVA) featured the first ever animated appearances of Ultra Magnus, Ratbat, Metroplex, and Trypticon, with the latter two appearing in rather different designs from how they would later appear in Season 3 of the G1 cartoon. Over the years, there have been a few attempts to share this OVA with the English-speaking world, be they subtitled rips of the original VHS tape, fan-produced unofficial dubs of the video, or even an audio-less version provided as a bonus on Sony's 2006 release of the 1986 movie. But now, Karyuudo Fansubs has done the fandom yet another courtesy (after their having subbed Car Robots, Zone, Micron Densetsu, and Beast Wars II) of releasing a special high quality, newly-fansubbed, downloadable torrent release of Scramble City, complete with a fresh new subtitle translation, two optional subtitle tracks, and extra bonuses. Below is a copy of their original announcement of the release:


Hey everyone,

We're happy to announce the release of Transformers Scramble City - The Mobilization. While we're sure many of you have watched many mediocre translations based off of an old VHS release from many years back, we bring to you today, a new translation from scratch.

The release includes two versions of Scramble City:

  • A DVD source version from the Japanese release of Fight! Super Robot Lifeforms Transformers. This was included as a bonus on the last disc of the 2nd box set.
  • A VHS version which originally was only available through mail-order in Japan. This source comes to us from Walruslaw who has ripped this from the original VHS cassette and up-scaled the video to 720p. One difference that you'll notice with this release is that the transition scenes with the faction symbols are the same as the original cartoon as opposed to the DVD version where they redrew them. The color transfer on the VHS is slightly better than its DVD counterpart.

Both of these contain two sets of subtitles, one with the Japanese character / faction names; the other with the Western character faction names.


  • Transformers Visualworks courtesy of Walruslaw (CBR format)
  • Transformers Song Universe (mp3 format)


Video Source: Karyuudo

Timing and Typesetting: Karyuudo

First draft translation: Gyumaoh

Final review and translation: TAKA-chan

Grammar and Spell Check: Karyuudo / Primal Sabbath

Extras: Walruslaw

You can download the release by clicking the following link. https://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=911798
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