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SIEGE Reveals @ NY Comic Con

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SIEGE Reveals @ NY Comic Con

Postby perceptor » Mon Oct 22, 2018 3:21 pm

Here's is a list to links of some (though not all) of our news entries shared from New York Comic Con 2018!

** Siege Ravage and Laserbeak gallery and discussion from NYCC

** Shockwave "space submarine" mode reveal! ;)

** Brunt! Siege Decepticon Weaponizer reveal! Remember the tank toy that came with G1 Tripticon - but (back then, didn't have a robot mode?????

** Kremzeek! Hidden secrets of the Siege Decepticon diorama!

** Stock photos of Siege Decepticons

** Studio Series Drift w/ Mini-Dinobots revealed at NYCC

** Siege Shockwave - high rez, up close images from the diorama

** Siege Soundwave hidden alt mode! and other secrets of the Decepticon Diorama!

** Siege Soundwave Reveal at NYCC

** Siege Starscream the Tetrajet commander reveal!

** Video walkthrough the Decepticon Diaorama - This post was our single best performer among news posts from New York Comic Con, seen by over 120,000 people...

** It's over Prime! - WFC: Siege MEGATRON Revealed at NYCC

** In conjunction with NYCC, Hasbro has released Production Renders for Upcoming War For Cybertron: SIEGE Deceptions

** OMEGA SUPREME Revealed! The Next Titan of War For Cybertron -Siege

** War For Cybertron: SIEGE Titan Class figure Teased/Revealed at NY Comic Con; my brother posted this remotely, as he couldn't wait for me to get my post made on location! Internet speed at NYCC was not ideal!

** SHOCKWAVE - War For Cybertron: Siege, Leader Class Reveal!

** John Warden & Ben Montano Live Panel Presentation via SciFi Wire

** Pre show Teaser w/ Studio Series Drift
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Re: SIEGE Reveals @ NY Comic Con

Postby cyberwuss » Tue Nov 13, 2018 1:18 am

Aww, I was really hoping they would bring back Micromaster Transports... maybe next year :(
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